Welcome to my homepage!

Over my 6 years at Stern, I feel extremely blessed to get to know so many brilliant and benevolent people, who provide me with gratuitous care, ignite my passion for life, and deepen and enlarge my understanding and vision. I am forever indebted to my advisors, Wenqaing Xiao, Maxime Cohen, and Ilan Lobel, and my coauthors, Alex Jacquillat, Lian Qi and Sébastien Martin.

My academic journey would not be initiated without guidance and support from Yuriy Zinchenko and Warren Hare.

Exile was my destiny, yet I have now chosen to return to my birthplace. My top 3 places on the planet: NYC, Calgary, and Hangzhou.


Assistant Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University, 2022-


Executive Committee Member, Computational Economics, China Computer Federation, 2023-


Ph.D in Operations Management, New York University, 2016-2022
M.Phil in Business, New York University, 2020

M.Sc in Operations Research, University of Calgary, 2014-2016
Exchange, University of British Columbia, 2015

B.Sc in Mathematics, Shanghai University, 2010-2014
Exchange, Cornell University, 2012